Best SA-MP Experience

CZ-CNR tries their best to create the best gaming environment for SA-MP players, we try to provide the best gaming services by dealing with top hosting companies in order to make our players enjoy the game as much as they can. Try this by yourself.

Our Features

We have got so many features that you might enjoy, and these are some of our great features on the community, enjoy reading them..

Frequent Updates

We know how much you all love updates, we aim to release an update weekly ensuring the best possible gaming and user experience.

Friendly Community

Join a friendly and welcoming community with plenty of opportunities, and get to know new players.

New Ideas

We embrace new ideas to anything we do, giving our users the best possible experience.

24/7 Uptime

Keeping our instances running all the time is one of our hardest tasks but we aim for 99.9% uptime for all our services.

Secure Platform

Feel safe when playing and using our services, we aim to keep data secure and our servers cheat free.

24/7 Support

With a skilled team, we are able to support and rise to any challenge we are faced with.


CZ-CNR Community is a CnR/DM server for the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas modification called SAMP. It offers expanded multiplayer support of the base game to developers.

Continuing the legacy started by vGenix Gaming, CZ-CNR opened in January of 2016 with a focus on improving the Cops and Robbers experience that was started by previous communities. Extended community transparency between administration and players means the wall that once divided players has been diminished. We want everyone to feel welcome at CZ-CNR Community. Join us to play a part in the history of CNR servers on SAMP.

  • Best CnR experience
  • Many events during the day
  • Active staff team
  • Friendly players
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About Us

CZ-CNR is a long-term CnR project introduced on January 1st, 2016, with the ambition of housing well-experienced players and put them under our wing; we intend on bringing players the best of experiences in their CnR career for as long as possible!


It's very easy to connect to our server. You can download the 0.3.7 version of SA-MP and copy the IP, then paste it in the samp window and click 'connect'
Once you open click on 'register' and put your information, activate your account and you are in!
We have got so many guides for beginners on forums, feel free to check them all before joining.
You can download discord from the official website and click on the Discord page under 'Connect' then click on the link


I was so happy to start this project and see it improving with the help of my great mates / partners. I hope you will all enjoy it, and contact me for further info.